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Christmas Fair


Tomorrow afternoon (Friday 22nd) is the day of our fair. Year 4 have been designing and decorating T-shirts, PE drawstring bags and shopping bags with fabric crayons. We will be selling them at the fair. If you would like to buy your creation, bring your money in on Friday morning. Any items unsold by lunchtime will go on the stall.

T-shirts: £2

bags: £1.50

Cloths £1

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TVMS Snappy Christmas Music Day


Yesterday Y4SJ and choir had the most fabulous day out at Thornaby Pavilion. We had been invited to take part in their Singing Day with ten other schools. When we arrived, the sports hall was filled with chairs ready for our afternoon audience. We had prime place at the front on one of the stages.

Mrs. Robertson was leading the day. She helped us with our singing and actions so that our performance looked polished. A huge Thank You to friends and family who came to support the children. We hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did.

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Today, children in year 4 have been discussing bullying. We learnt about the different types of bullying such as physical, social, cyber bullying and verbal bullying. We understand that it is normal for people to disagree now and then and this is acceptable. Bullying is when someone repetitively makes someone feel worthless and it has a big effect on our self esteem (what we think of ourselves).

Later, we learnt some strategies for stopping bullying. We learnt that we can stop verbal bullying by being confident about our worth and giving compliments instead of insults. We also learnt what to do if we notice anyone who is being bullied. We confront bullying head on and say please stop that. Then we report it to an adult.

We performed some role-play scenarios in front of the class and discussed what we could do in each situation. Then we made some anti-bullying posters to display around school.

We learnt that we are all really important and we are all unique. We practiced giving complements to each other then we were sent on a secret mission around school to spread as many complements and as much happiness as possible. Although bullying is a tough and upsetting subject, we have had a very positive day and feel empowered to stop bullying.

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columnar addition and subtraction


Today we have been learning about columnar subtraction and addition. We used out new place value counters to show our working out as we played an exchanging game. Then we moved on to exchanging for subtraction and when carrying into the next column with addition.  We were great working as a team. 

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Learning about the = sign


This week Y4 have been learning about the equals sign and how to use it as a balance. We learnt that equals is used to show that two values balance (they are equal) and it does not mean ‘the answer is’. We also learnt that = can be used at the start of a number sentence for example  12 +7 = 19 is the same as 19=12+7.

We moved onto using the = sign in different places in order to complete 8 number sentences based on fact families.

We moved on to exchanging tens using place value counters. We learnt that 10 ones is the same as one ten. We played a game with the counters where we had to roll a dice and add the numbers together. We had to reach 20 as quickly as possible but if we did not exchange ten ones for a ten counter we were out. Luckily, we all remembered.

Mehreen completed 8 fact families and used a bar model to demonstrate


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Year 4 have been really trying to learn our spellings. We do this in a variety of ways including playing spelling games and writing our spellings in a variety of ways.  It’s really important that we learn how to spell. Spellings are sent home every week to learn and tested each Friday. At home, you could use any of the ideas from Y4SJ’s spelling zone to help you practise.


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Miss Jones’ Maths class had great fun learning outside on Thursday. We were learning how to estimate and count time in seconds. We found out the difference between our estimate and the actual time it took us to do our chosen activities. Some were doing star jumps, some were running and some were saying the alphabet backwards. Why don’t you try to time some of your activities.  How long will it take you to read a page of your book? Can you read even faster and beat your score?


Isobel was determined to record her scores accurately!  The girls worked well as a team. Freddy was quite exhausted after running as fast as he could.

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Reading Is Important!


During class assembly today, Y4P discussed why it is so important that we learn to read. We learnt that we need to read in order to get a job when we are older. We discussed different jobs and why we would need to read to do these jobs. We couldn’t think of any jobs that didn’t require any reading.


We also discussed how we need to read for fun. We might want to read the newspaper so we know what is happening around the world. We might want to read the instructions on our video games. We need to be able to read text messages,  whats app messages, facebook posts and other apps.

Kane H mentioned reading information books so that we can learn. Ruby suggested that reading is important so that we can read maps and find our way around.  Kian mentioned that we need to be able to read so that we can read instructions and gave the example of a new TV.

We discussed how we need to be able to read road signs when we learn how to drive. We all want to learn to drive!

In class, if we have not managed to read at home, we must write our name on the whiteboard so that an adult can read with us at some point that day. This way, we will improve our reading scores and earn us more reader raffles.

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Harvest Festival


We are very much looking forward to the Harvest Festival this Friday morning in St. Paul’s Church. Y4 have been writing Harvest and Autumn poems. Everyone’s welcome at the service which starts at 9:30 where we will be reading some of our fantastic poems.

See you there!

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Queen Victoria


Today we started our History topic on the Victorians. We began developing our enquiry skills by looking at a picture of Queen Victoria and thinking about what we would like to find out. We asked some fantastic questions such as:

  • When was Queen Victoria crowned?
  • Was Queen Victoria married?
  • When was Queen Victoria born?
  • Did queen Victoria have any children?
  • Is queen Victoria related to our Queen Elizabeth?

We then read an information text about Queen Victoria and learnt lots of really interesting facts. If you see any of us on the yard or at home ask us about Queen Victoria. We are experts!


What do you know about Queen Victoria?


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