English next week

This picture will be the stimulus for our story next week.

It follows on from their superb writing about flying frogs! They will be planning a story about the Tuesday night when pigs began to fly. Were they enchanted? Where did they go? What did they do? Please ask your child to share their ideas with you ready for our planning session on Monday. They have great imaginations and fantastic ideas.

Spellings for this week

In Year 3 we have seen a great improvement in the children’s spelling scores. Well done, we can see how hard you are working. The children also get extra housepoints for using these in their writing and have taken up this challenge well.

This week’s spellings are:












The children are really enjoying the book titled Tuesday and found it amazing that we started it on the Tuesday they came back into school. This is a picture book that has allowed them to use their own ideas and imagination in their writing.

Who would believe there were flying frogs on lily pads? What a shock we got! Watch out for them because they are very naughty especially if they see clean washing on lines in gardens. They think your sheets are there for them to wear as capes like Superman or should that be Superfrog? Your children are brilliant and have fantastic ideas- remember to ask them about this book.


Thank you for helping us to do our homework every week. If you find this difficult at any time please contact a member of the Year 3 team as we are running a homework club to help your child. The tasks set are linked to their learning and they find writing and maths activities easier to understand when they have had time at home to think things through.

Thank you again for your support, homework is given every Friday to be returned by Tuesday.

Friendship week

We have been taking part in lots of different activities this week discussing friendship and what makes a good friend. Together we came up with lots of ideas and even made our own ‘friend ship’ for display. As part of our learning we also learnt about how working as a team can be better than working by ourselves. What great fun we had!

Image result for pumpkin soup book

Our work in English was centred on the book Pumpkin Soup, the children really enjoyed the activities and it helped them understand more about the importance of friendship.