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Miss Horton wrote: Our Fantastic Writers!
Yesterday Maddie, Ellissa, Emily and Ruby came to show me their fantastic writing!! It was fantastic to see what they had been getting up to independently. Keep your good writing girls, we are so proud! (More)
otpanderson wrote: Timed Task
So impressed with everyone's effort during our timed task on paragraphs. Looking forward to who beats the teacher. (More)
Mrs Scurr wrote: We love to write.
[caption id="attachment_801" align="alignnone" width="300"] Theo writes on the chalk board. He has written a number 8. Well done Theo![/caption] [caption id="attachment_802" align="alignnone" width="300"] Florance writes a post card to her Nana.[/ (More)
Miss Muckian wrote: Fantastic Writers!
Today Mrs Murphy came to visit Foxes class and see some of our fantastic writing. She was blown away with James, Ryan and Lexi for their independent writing skills and their sentence structure. They were given a principals award sticker for their h (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Homework Superstars!
Look at our homework superstars from last half term! All of these children have completed one or more of the homework tasks they were set! Fantastic work guys keep it up. Everyone has been given their homework tasks for this half term and we look for (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Silly sentences
Here are our favorite silly sentences from today's English lesson. Each part of the sentence was written by a different child who didn't know what had come before. Which is your favorite? In Dinosaur time, in a snake tank, the not so scared sea di (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Writer of the week!
We are very proud of our writer of the week this week. She has worked hard on an amazing poem and use lots of incredible verbs. Can you spot them?  Well done, Sophia!  (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Bright Futures Week
For Bright Futures week in Reception we have been writing about what we want to be when we are older. The children enjoyed watching an episode of 'Let's Play' on Cbeebies and learning all about the different jobs a plumber does. Afterwards we had a (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: Advert planning
Mrs Stirling visited Italy class this morning to help us plan our radio adverts for Raj's shop (a character in Mr Stink) look out next week for our completed radio adverts.   (More)