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otpanderson wrote: WINNING TEAMĀ 
Points were issued for certain features as well as presentation skills and working as a team. Each team attained a high score, but only one could use the land to build their community.  TEAM 7 - Greenstream Village won the bid!  We (More)
otpanderson wrote: Presentation Time
INSTRUCTIONS As a team you must present your model to the judges. You have two minutes to convince them your ideas are the best. 1. Introduction - name of your village. 2. Show your model. 3. Tell us about your eco friendly features. 4 (More)
This is what we needed to do... Here are some of the designs mid point. (More)
otpanderson wrote: Naming our community
Terre Vert Oak Tree Estate Sunny State Greenstream Village Showscale Street East Bourne Estate Green Acres Which one do you prefer? (More)
Building a Sustainable Community  Our visitors explained about their jobs and introduced the task our teams had to develop this morning. More updates as the morning progresses... (More)