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Mr Russell wrote: Eggsperiment
After reading about a science experiment in his reading book, Kelvin decided to try it out himself at home.  He soaked an egg in vinegar for three days so that he shell became very soft. Unfortunately, on the way to school, the egg broke but we (More)
Last week we continued to look at the structure of trees. We looked at two different types of trees, evergreen and deciduous. The children identified the differences between the two types of trees and enjoyed finding them in our school garden. (More)
Mrs Murray wrote: Science is fun!
Last week we started looking at the structure of trees. To start the lesson the children went outside to look at the different parts of a tree and then drew and labelled the tree structure. We identified that all trees have roots, branches, leav (More)
Mr Russell wrote: The Big Bang?
We couldn't resist trying a big one to see what happens. Maybe not as spectacular as we hoped but still a lot of fun! (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Fair tests
Today we carried out investigations to answer our questions about the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  (More)
Mrs Randall-Harris wrote: Friction shoe investigation
Today, USA tried to answer the question: which shoe has the best grip ? First we gathered ideas about how we could work scientifically to solve this question. This group measured all their shoes - which shoe demonstrated the most friction ?  (More)
Brooke wrote: All about faeces
Have you wondered about faeces? If you have read on. Why are faeces different? Faeces are different depending on how much water they drink, if you drink lots of water your poo will go all wet and soggy. But if you don’t drink lots of water it wi (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Open Morning
This morning, we held another highly successful open morning. Watch this video to see what Mr Russell's group was up to. (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Marble Run