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Miss Horton wrote: Fantastic Reading at Home!
When changing the reading books, Miss McLean was so impressed to see that lots of children had been reading at home over Christmas. Miss McLean said how lovely it was to read about all of the progress that the children have been making with the (More)
Miss Mclean awarded reading superstar stickers to children in Foxes class for their fantastic reading at home and in school. This weeks reading superstars are: -Violet Alderson -Abdulai Bah -Niamh Jamieson -Christian-Newsham-Massey (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Punctuation in Reception?!
Reading everyday in reception is really paying off! We have some fantastic readers! Today, Maddie was able to tell Miss McLean what a question mark meant! She said, 'it means that they are asking a question to get an answer.' Miss McLean then g (More)
Miss Horton wrote: We Got Caught Reading!
Today, in Foxes Class Miss McLean checked the reading records that were returned to school to see who had been reading at home. She was pleased to find that lots of children had been reading! She loved reading all of the lovely comments written  (More)
Miss Muckian wrote: Superstar readers!
Lexi, Ryan and Tristan have worked so hard with their reading, exceeding age related expectation. They work super hard when reading in school and at home that they are reading orange and turquoise book band! Well done!   (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Homework Superstars!
Look at our homework superstars from last half term! All of these children have completed one or more of the homework tasks they were set! Fantastic work guys keep it up. Everyone has been given their homework tasks for this half term and we look for (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Our Reading Mornings
This week we invited our parents in to read with us every morning. We worked hard to share our stories with them and some of us even looked at our learning journeys together. It was so lovely to see the things we have done and the progress we have ma (More)
Miss Muckian wrote: We are fantastic readers!
This week we have invited our parents in to listen to our fantastic reading. Today has been a great start with parents coming into Foxes class! I am excited to see how the week unfolds! Keep up the great reading guys! (More)
Mrs Scurr wrote: Its a reading revolution.
[caption id="attachment_696" align="alignnone" width="300"] Jasime is reading. She can read a word in a book.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_697" align="alignnone" width="300"] Scarlotte and Oliviah cosy up to share a book together.[/caption] (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Our Super Star Reader!
Aiden has been working really hard with his reading, today he went to visit Mrs Pollitt and Mrs Murphy to share his reading with them. Aiden is now reading orange level books which is the expected level for the end of year one! We are so proud of Ai (More)