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Miss Horton wrote: Pirates on an Adventure!
Ahoy, Me Hearties! Our topic this term, in Reception, is Pirates on An Adventure!  Our activities in the classroom are all about pirates! We have been having so much fun, learning lots of new and exciting things. Yazmin used her phonic skills (More)
otpanderson wrote: PLACE VALUE
Miss Horton wrote: Our Fantastic Maths...
We have been working so hard with our Numicon this half term, we have been ordering to 10 and matching it up. We got a special delivery this week, some brand new giant Numicon and we were so excited to use it! During maths we put it all in the rig (More)
otpanderson wrote: Place Value
Exploring our understanding of place value. (More)
otpanderson wrote: Maths help...
Below is a link where you can find all areas of maths. Click on the link and go to the subject you want to improve on and complete the activity. ENJOY! BBC BITE SIZE (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Homework Superstars!
Look at our homework superstars from last half term! All of these children have completed one or more of the homework tasks they were set! Fantastic work guys keep it up. Everyone has been given their homework tasks for this half term and we look for (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: Roman Numerals
We have been busy looking at Roman Numerals in our Maths lessons. We found them a bit tricky at first but we finally got the hang of it.  (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Double Bugs
This week we have been working really hard to double numbers in our independent learning time. We have used Numicon and mirrors, dice and cubes and even number sentences to help us to become confident when doubling. Some of us can even now just say o (More)
Miss O\' Connor wrote: Problem Solving
Today the children really enjoyed using our balancing dolphin game to problem solve.  There are loads of fab board games out in the shops and they are a great way to encourage the children to take turns. (More)
FRACTION GAME Remember! You must use your knowledge of equivalent fractions to make the denominators the same before adding and subtracting the numerators. (More)