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iMovie quick sample from today.   (More)
otpanderson wrote: Timed Task
So impressed with everyone's effort during our timed task on paragraphs. Looking forward to who beats the teacher. (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: Welcome back
Welcome back to the Summer term! I can't quite believe that we are in the final term of the academic year. Doesn't time fly when your having fun. This term in Year 4 we shall be studying the Anglo Saxons and we haven a fun trip planned for it, det (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Writer of the week!
We are very proud of our writer of the week this week. She has worked hard on an amazing poem and use lots of incredible verbs. Can you spot them?  Well done, Sophia!  (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: Advert planning
Mrs Stirling visited Italy class this morning to help us plan our radio adverts for Raj's shop (a character in Mr Stink) look out next week for our completed radio adverts.   (More)
We have been using a text map and creating story maps so that we can orally retell the story. Our favourite part is when he saves the princess but has he made a terrible mistake? Who knows! You will have to read our fantastic stories to find out more (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Yacht of Wishes
I wish I woke up in a yacht, Lamborghini and company bought. Did I mention the rocket too, A CEO no less – says you.   The roof made out of golden whispers, The tiles are rainbow crispers. Popcorn door and a dragon gummy, (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Unusual land
In my super, gigantic, magical dream I wish that I could scream About the sweets And all the treats.   I wish I could dream about a humongous sand castle under the sea And talk and talk drinking hot chocolate that tastes like t (More)
Mr Russell wrote: Dream World
In year five we have been writing poems about our dream world. They were extremely interesting! Not only did we enjoy hearing the poems, we entered into a national competition. We are hopeful that some of our Oak Tree pupils will have their poems pub (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: Welcome Back
Welcome back to Spring term 2. We have lots of exciting things planned for this term. We shall be reading Mr Stink by David Walliams, which I am sure will be a great hit with the children. We also have World Book Day coming up soon, look out for m (More)