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Miss Hutchinson wrote: End of the school year
Well, it has been a fun filled fantastic year with Italy class. We started the year with Roald Dahl's The BFG, and a trip to the cinema to watch the recent remake, I know Miss Hunter and I enjoyed it possibly more than the children. At trip to (More)
Earth class children have been thinking about what jobs they want to do in the future. However they also said that being a school child is also a challenging job. So as part of world poetry day they wrote a poem about all the different jobs they h (More)
As part of our Bright Futures week, this morning we had a fabulous lesson led by a dance teacher and pupils from The Grangefield Academy. We made up our own dance which had to end in a freeze-frame copying the picture we were given. The teacher told (More)
Miss O\' Connor wrote: Bright Futures Week
This week as part of the schools Bright Futures Week, we have encouraged the children to dress up in different occupational outfits. As the children dressed up we talked about what the different occupations do and supported the children while they r (More)
oteyoung wrote: Bright Futures Week
As part of bright futures week we have looked at going to college or university to study towards our chosen career path. The children made a person with a mortarboard hat onto represent them at their graduation and wrote on what they were going to st (More)
Miss Haley wrote: Bright Futures Week
Throughout the week we will be investigating what we would like to do in the future. This will include looking at the career path we would like to take and finding out more about the qualities we will need to be successful. Please talk to us about th (More)
oteyoung wrote: Bright Futures
This week is bright futures week so all week we are looking at possible jobs for when we are older. Today we asked the question, what do you want to be when you're older? Take a look at our collage.   (More)