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Miss Jones wrote: Outdoor Maths
Today, Germany Maths class were learning about angles. We know they are a measurement of turn and so we played a game directing a blindfolded partner through a maze in the garden. Our directional language included: right angle, quarter and half tu (More)
Mr Russell wrote: We beat that!
These superstar mathematicians scored 10 out of 10 on their weekly CLIC tests! (More)
Miss Hutchinson wrote: BIG Maths
Well Done to everyone in Miss Hutchinson's Maths group who BEAT THAT on the CLIC. (More)
Mr Russell wrote: We beat that!
We all beat that and have moved up to the next CLIC test! (More)
otpanderson wrote: Big Maths
We are becoming experts at our jigsaw numbers. It gives us a quick way to find number bonds to 10, 100 and 1000. (More)
Mr Russell wrote: We Beat That!
Miss Waites wrote: Partitioning Numbers
In Maths, we are learning to partition numbers into tens and units/ones. We are getting quick at partitioning and can identify how many tens and units are in a number up to 100. (More)