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Mr Russell wrote: Raj's Shop
Last week in English, our class recorded adverts for Raj's shop. We learned about persuasive language, analysed radio adverts, wrote and recorded our own adverts before editing in GarageBand and iMovie. Have a listen to Brooke and Isabella's versi (More)
Mrs Murray wrote: Bright Futures
As part of bright futures week we talked about going to college or university to study towards our chosen career path. The children made a person with a mortarboard hat to represent them at their graduation and wrote on what they were going to study (More)
Miss Horton wrote: Bright Futures Week
For Bright Futures week in Reception we have been writing about what we want to be when we are older. The children enjoyed watching an episode of 'Let's Play' on Cbeebies and learning all about the different jobs a plumber does. Afterwards we had a (More)
As part of bright futures week we visited Grangefield Academy and talked about going to secondary school in the future. Whilst we were there we took part in a dance workshop and valued the help of the year 9 pupils. We really enjoyed the afternoon, (More)
Mrs Murray wrote: Bright Futures Week
Last week we celebrated Bright Futures week. We celebrated the week with lots of different activities and talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up. We talked about different occupations and answered the question what do you want to be whe (More)
With an amazing 47 points out of a possible 50, the Blood Suckers Inc. won today's competition. That's to take nothing away from the other groups who all came up with fantastic stories, products and presentations. (More)
Each group took turns to stand at the front of the hall and present their ideas to the judges. ​ (More)
What do you think of Isabella and Wanessa's collaboration? (More)
We wanted our books to jump out at people when they're on the shelves so we took time to design the perfect front cover. (More)
The next stage: creating free merchandise to help market our books. (More)