Family Reading Spring 2018

What a brilliant turn out for our first Family Reading of the year.  It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents sharing books and the blog with their children.  We lent lots of books out through our library as well, remember if your child picks the same book again it is a good opportunity to talk about what they can remember in the story and reading a familiar books helps them develop important language skills.

Bakery Fun

This week Frankie told me he would like to be a Baker and bake some bread.  Isla and Lucas also enjoyed singing Five Currant buns using the puppets.  We then made some saltdough currant buns and created a Bakers for the children to play in.  On Thursday we made some yummy scones for ourselves to eat.

Isla singing Five Currant buns
Lucas counting the currant buns in the song
Helping to create our bakers
Alexis enjoyed counting how many buns she had for sale

Firepit fun

Last week the children made their own fire using the wooden and plastic blocks, they even made a stone circle and when we asked why they told us it was so they were safe from the fire.  We gave them some marshmallows and they were super cute pretending to toast them.  On Friday we took them to the Firepit so they could toast some marshmallows for real, they loved it and jumping in the muddy puddles.

Church Visit

Today was Nursery had a lovely walk to the church, luckily after putting waterproofs on the rain stopped.  The children sat beautifully to listen to the Christmas story and the enjoyed flower arranging and exploring the church.  The staff were so proud of the children’s behaviour and it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents a big thank you to them.